The fully automated metadata extraction platform

The visual layout of individual steps in application development, as well as a comprehensive and audit-proof overview of data and its sources, are inevitable for the future.

NodeGraph is a data intelligence platform for Data Quality & Data Lineage that helps organizations to trust,control and understand all the data. It is the only fully automated metadata extraction platform on the market, with functionalities ranging from data lineage visualization to unit and regression testing.

Visualize your Qlik environment

Visualize your Qlik Solution and explore relations between databases, files, QVD and applications.

With the a data intelligence platform, NodeGraph, you can analyze the business logic, that has been applied to all fields in all scripts. The system documentation will be generated automatically.

Discover what’s hidden in your meta data.

NodeGraph provides data lineage from data source to your end user applications – on a field level.

The Dependency Explorer provides a comple­te visualization of all dependencies in your Qlik environment. You can analyse your Qlik solution all the way from data source to end user application and discover what’s hidden in your meta data.

Prepared queries

NodeGraph not only offers the individual analysis of your Qlik solution, but also prepared queries in the governance module. For example, in a few clicks, NodeGraph shows missing inbound and outbound connections or files, that have not been updated in defined time periods. Visualizations such as a heatmap over your Qlik surface show you easily where problems come from and allow pragmatic solutions by a simplified error search.

Analyse all data of your Qlik Sense and QlikView Applications

With NodeGraph you don’t need to worry about how specific QVD affect your end user application anymore.

Main functions
  • Field Explorer

    Shows all transformation on a field from first loaded to when it’s used in an application.

  • Dependency Explorer

    Use the Dependency Explorer to analyse your Qlik solution all the way from data source to end user application.

  • Governance

    An easy way to verify that your governance framework and development guidelines are being followed.

  • Automated Documentation

    Generate your Qlik system documentation with a single click, always up to date.

NodeGraph Screenshot Tour: