Create easy and quick map illustrations in QlikView®

How does a certain area develop compared to another in close proximity? In which postal code area is the highest demand for a specific product? What area requires the least amount of support?

Analyze your data from the perspective of your geographic position and discover entirely new trends, which you wouldn’t notice otherwise.

QlikMaps Kartendarstellungen

With QlikMaps from Analytics 8 you gain an easy possibility to visualize geographic information. QlikMaps is an extension that integrates GoogleMaps into QlikView® in a way never seen before. QlikMaps is easy to install and users can put the solution into service without an additional server.

As a partner of Analytics 8 and expert for QlikView®, you can count on our full support to utilize QlikMaps as efficiently as possible to achieve your goals.


  • Highlight entire areas, not just single spots on the map.
  • Select spots or areas directly on the map.
  • Use standard entries for administrative areas such as countries, cities or postal code areas.
  • Create entire new areas by yourself; QlikMaps integrates ESRI- and KML files without additional cost.
  • Complete functionality available on mobile devices.