In a few steps to a QlikView® dashboard

The Qlik Visual Analytics Platform® offers a completely new BI-Approach, which allows developers and business-analysts to quickly and easily create subject related dashboards for end users. It allows users to be part of the process of designing the application. Traditional BI-Solutions mean time-consuming, cost intensive development cycles that delay visible results for weeks, months or even years. With QlikView ®, applications can be created, changed or adapted within a couple of minutes.

Data visualization with QlikView®

Dashboard getting started QlikView

Campaign Performance QlikView

My Life in Data - QlikView

Black Friday - QlikView

Pilotage Commercial Pharma - QlikView

Workforce Management - QlikView

  • 1.

    Load data

  • 2.

    Launch application at the touch of a button

  • 3.

    Make adjustments as you wish

  • 4.

    Visualize the dashboard