Web services and QlikView

Analyze Facebook, Twitter and others with QlikView

The internet produces enormous data quantities every day – data that is of high value for companies. You merely need to take a look at social media communication. Facebook, Twitter and so on, revolutionized the way we communicate with customers, shippers and interested parties. However, they also shifted the location which produces and stores these important information.

Gain a bigger data range for QlikView with QVSource.

QVSource loads external web data via various connectors into QlikView. In this process, high effort is required of QlikView to develop own interfaces.

An example

You start a marketing campaign from your CRM-System with the objective to visit a landingpage and to apply for one of your workshops. You analyze the visits to your website with Google Analytics. QVSource Connector makes it very simple to load the data from Google Analytics directly into QlikView and to connect them to the data from your CRM-System.

The quick and easy connection of external web data and internal data sources in QlikView is the added value of QVSource. You are able to make entirely new and much more comprehensive analyses in QlikView, so that your decision making gets ever more precise and more efficient.

As QVSource partner we merge your internal and external data with the of QVSource connectors in QlikView.

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