K4 Analytics – Planning in Qlik®

Planning and budgeting with one tool

Develop sales planning quickly and easily with Qlik Sense® and QlikView®, without even leaving the applications. Thanks to the “Smart Entry” function of K4 Analytics this is possible.

K4 Analytics enables the user to directly input data for planning and budgeting into Qlik Sense® or QlikView®. Work in an environment you are used to without any inconvenient switching between programs and without any loss of performance. K4 Analytics features a wide set of functions, including: distributing and merging data, protected sums and cells, intelligent pasting, change logs, comments and an SQL table editor.

Pasting and Consolidating Excel files with one click

If you want to import data from an excel sheet, which is the case quite often, you can rely on K4 Analytics’s SmartPaste function. The data gets automatically allocated, cleaned up and consolidated, while inserting it with K4 Analytics.

Managing planning processes with multiple users

You can use the K4 Audit Trails property to fully control and manage a distributed planning process with multiple users and collect the data in a common database.

As partner of K4 Analytics and expert for Qlik® we will accompany you on your way to successfully use K4 Analytics for your objectives.


  • Developing different planning versions and simulations.
  • Manage shared data input from multiple users that interact in the planning process.
  • Manage planning calendars.
  • Using all of Qlik® possibilities for nominal-actual-comparisons.
  • Make planning data from other systems available.
  • Creating applications using Audit Trails according to SOX.