Modern search & AI-driven analytics

ThoughtSpot is the leading provider of search and AI-driven analytics. ThoughtSpot has been positioned as “Visionary” in the Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms by Gartner. This novel approach to the analytics platform helps companies worldwide to make business data understandable and evaluable for each user.

The Google-like search makes it possible to analyze billions of datasets and to get immediate answers to questions that can otherwise only be solved by complex analysis processes.

ThoughtSpot’s SpotIQ puts the power of thousands of analysts straight into the hands of the user.

It is possible to connect ThoughtSpot to any on premise, cloud, big data or desktop data source and it is still 85 % faster than traditional technologies.

Intelligent search – ad hoc analysis even without BI knowledge

The analytics platform delivers business intelligence based on enterprise search combined with artificial intelligence. With the help of powerful engines for search, AI and visualization, thousands of queries can be executed and the results can be processed through dozens of recognition algorithms.

By scaling billions of records across multiple data sources in seconds, ThoughtSpot delivers the most important insights for your business with a single click.

Using the intelligent search, data queries are made available in a targeted and immediate manner. BI analysis as fast and easy as searching the internet!


  • self-service analytics for everyone
  • answers both known and unknown questions
  • segment data, uncover anomalies
  • scalable and secure for every company

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