Great visualization extensions for Qlik Sense®

Vizlib is a holistic, easy to use, flexible und supported library of Qlik Sense® extensions.

This Qlik Sense® add-on provides useful, QlikView® known visualization and analytics options as software-as-a-service. With highly customizable and easy-to-use charts, Qlik Sense® applications can be easily customized to add functionalities and visualizations.

Vizlib provides effortless data visualization with help of an intuitive user interface. Simply add powerful, out-of-the-box features and visualizations and get meaningful insights at a glance.

  • Vizlib Library

    for pixel-perfect dashboards and visual analytics

  • Vizlib Self-Service

    for ad-hoc data exploration and reporting

  • Vizlib Finance Report

    for unbeatable P&Ls and Balance Sheet reports

  • Vizlib Collaboration

    new way to bring people and data together

Close the gap between QlikView® and Qlik Sense®

Countless customization options such as chart colors, fonts, metrics and interactivity create a consistent dashboard look in Qlik Sense® and also provide important ad hoc analytics metrics at a glance.

Various extensions for individual needs

Beautiful dashboards without encoding

Is by far the most powerful dashboarding solution for Qlik Sense®. The incredibly intuitive user experience that requires zero coding saves dashboard builders countless development hours and opens doors to game-changing customisation opportunities. Add to that our famous out-of-the-box capabilities, and you have the dataviz wow that your end users crave.

  • Basic Charts (Pie Chart, Scatter Chart, Combo Chart,Line Chart, Bar Chart)
    • most popular dashboarding extensions, for example reference lines, custom HTML tooltips, benchmark bars, support for alternate states, customisable backgrounds etc.
    • access to advanced analytics capabilities including forecasting and clustering
  • Advanced Charts (Sankey Chart,KPI Designer, Activity Gauge, Heatmap, Story Timeline, Venn Diagram, Mekko Chart)
    • optimized dashboards and fortschrittliche charts
    • full control over interactivity options and rich formatting
    • leveraging Vizlib Actions and dynamic visibility conditions
    • guided analytics instead of basic charts
  • Components (Slider,Advanced Text Object, Calendar, Filter, Line Object)
    • component extensions create a more intuitive user experience
    • inherently powerful and fully customizable
    • wide styling and formatting options
    • configurable tooltips
  • Navigational Elements (Sheet Menu, Container Grid)
    • Sheet Menu allows to create web app-styled Qlik Sense® dashboards; completely removing the need for complex mashup development
    • Container Grid supporting a selection of presets and a responsive grid mode
    • improves the functionality of dashboards and accelerates build time
  • Tables (Table, Pivot Table)
    • Pivot Table with extensive formatting options
    • added capabilities, such as HTML tooltips, dynamic column resizing, indicators, rich formatting etc.

The best of self-service analytics, in one neat bundle

It’s the ultimate ad-hoc reporting solution for Qlik Sense®. It charges your apps with advanced functionalities that make your data talk through interactive reports.

  • Custom Report
    • dynamic straight or pivot tables based on
      data in master tables
    • a bunch of beautiful presets and leverage rich customisation
  • Cards Extension
    • snaz up your dashboards with pictures of products, logos or even people
    • Select and Go to Sheet mode for table extension with cards as cells and a responsive design also supports selections, multiple layout and image size options
  • Selection Bar
    • horizontal selection bar has pre-selected values that allow fields,
      variables, and flags to be displaye
    • preset selections
    • linking to other Qlik Sense documents
    • the ability to set variables and select dates quickly
  • KPI Extension
    • the ability to create KPIs with configurable colours and trends
    • fully responsive and works well for showing images
    • perfect for navigating from a dashboard into other sheets
  • Container Box
    • switch between different objects either through a menu or via icons
    • adding container within a container

Meet the requirements of a modern finance department.

With the advanced formatting and customisation functionalities, you can make any financial report look amazing and just the way your CFO wants it.

  • Finance Report
    • custom P&L tables or Balance Sheet reports
  • Real-time
    • adding real-time comments associated with your data
    • setup is completely secure
    • multiple levels of reporting

Communicate, collaborate and share knowledge directly in Qlik Sense®

Shorten the communication cycle by associating your comments to individual charts or commenting on the whole sheet for more context and to avoid misunderstandings.

  • shorten the communication cycle
  • associating your comments to individual charts or commenting on the whole sheet
  • store your comments securely online, on-premise or on your private cloud
  • create and share bookmarks with the same
  • annotate In-Apps
  • take private notes associated with specific selections, charts or the whole sheet
  • send relevant informations to your team
  • feedback in real time

Vizlib offers exactly extensions you are missing?