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Data Integration

Data Integration

Modern data management is the foundation of the data-driven enterprise. The machine economy with AI-supported processes, machine learning and the IoT constantly presents companies with new challenges. We support our customers in preparing and developing their data strategy for the new tasks.

Our team focuses on building modern data estate solutions on-premises and in the cloud. Whether it relates to the expansion or modernisation of existing data pipelines, or completely new concepts and solutions are necessary. We help you navigate the new data-driven economy.

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Our focus in the area of data integration

  • Implementation of data lake solutions in the cloud such as Azure Synapse, Snowflake or AWS Redshift
  • Development of ETL/ELT data pipelines
  • Development of data warehouse solutions
  • MS Azure Synapse
  • Modernisation of existing data landscapes
  • Integration of heterogeneous data sources
  • AWS Redshift
  • Google Big Query
  • Data Management Workshops
EVACO Partner: Qlik

Qlik® Data Integration Platform:

  • End-to-end data integration
  • Provision of data
  • Data analysis
  • For all company sizes and structures
  • Central data catalogue

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EVACO Partner: TimeXtender

  • The fastest way to build a modern data estate
  • Speeds up data retrieval processes by up to 10 times
  • Enables the implementation and operation of data lakes, data warehouses and data marts
  • Also without scripting

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EVACO Partner: Snowflake

  • Provides all major data workloads through a single platform
  • Leading software-as-a-service solution
  • For data engineering, data science, data lakes, data warehousing and data applications
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Fast and cost-effective

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“The cloud is a reality, whether it’s edge computing, data cloud, SaaS solutions, we encounter it everywhere. This means that the provision of data becomes the central theme of the data landscape – from raw to ready. Modern data warehouse solutions no longer “just” serve as a storage location. With technologies such as Snowflake, data can be made available for any application in a flexible and purposeful way that, before now, was unknown.”
Kai Müller

Our Awards

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We are proud of the 17 awards we have achieved, which confirm our professional expertise. They include Qlik® “Partner of Excellence 2021”, PlatformManager “Partner of the Year 2021” and ThoughtSpot “EMEA Partner of the Year 2021”.

EVACO YouTube Channel – Tips & Tricks for Modern Analysis Solutions

Our playlist „EVACOsolutions TimeXtender“ provides you with tips on the tool

On our YouTube channel you will find short explanatory videos in German with helpful hints, solutions and news about the tools from our holistic solution approach. From beginners to advanced users, everyone will find something here and can learn something. Regularly update your skills or find an introduction to the various functions of the different solutions.


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